Opportunities for flights ticket distributors

solution for distributors

Flight delay insurance is best sold at a time when the customers purchase their travel ticket. The air ticket distribution sector includes direct airlines websites, global distribution systems (GDS), online travel agents (OTA), traditional travel agents (TTA), travel management systems, and affinity groups offering insurance to members such as premium credit card holders.

Panzly – the First Flight Insurance with Immediate Payout – represents a major new revenue development opportunity for flight ticket vendors with an easy solution of embedding our technology into their own ticket purchase systems using NDC (New Distribution Capability) transmission standards that enables API connectivity.

Your Benefits
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Improved customer
as a major
competitive advantage

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An additional revenue channel

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Seamless integration and flexible configuration based on your needs

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Wide-ranging travel insurance service portfolio with supplement customer-friendly solution for travelers

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A competitive advantage on the market with compensation levels exceed the original ticket cost

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Protection from liability for delayed departure: we cover insurance events regardless of the reason for the delay or cancellation of the flight.

How it works for distributors
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Leverage our APIs to add Panzly insurance solutions to your website, app or software system

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Provide your customer the flight insurance in 1 easy step

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Let Panzly take on further insurance issues: we automatically trigger the compensation in the event of a 2-hour delay and conduct an immediate payout to your client account.

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Get revenue from each policy sold