Why should flight tickets vendors be interested in cooperating with Panzly?

With an easy API integration and flexible insurance policy, our partners get an opportunity to offer better customer experience, create new digital products, increase sales, and try disruptive business models.

I’m a tour operator and I purchase tickets on behalf of travellers. How will Panzly work for us?

A licensed distributor (OTA, GDS, travel management system, or airline) offers Panzly Flight Delay insurance integrated within their flight ticket sales system. You must approve the insurance plan with the client and check the appropriate box during the ticket purchasing. We take over further interaction with the client. You get a commission for each policy sold.

How can I get insured?

You can buy Panzly insurance in a single click, while you purchase a ticket in online booking system or direct airlines websites ( See our partners (link).

You will automatically get a link via SMS to your record on the Panzly portal to download a Key-Facts Summary plus your Insurance Certificate and Policy Statement.

When does Panzly provide compensation?

Panzly connects into flight data services and tracks the flight status. In the event of a cancellation or a 2-hour delay, you will receive a message to your phone and email with a link to the refund form. All you need is to enter the payment details by choosing the most convenient method of receiving compensation.  

In the case of a disruption, do I need to file a claim personally?

No, all you need is to send us your payment details by filling out the refund form and we’ll pay you immediately. Panzly automatically triggers the compensation, thus protecting you from unnecessary stress and tons of paperwork and bureaucratic nightmares.

How long should it take for flight delay compensation?

You will receive a payout in the shortest possible term, less than a coffee break at the airport, and without wasting time waiting for validation and approval of your claim for weeks on end.

How much does Panzly cost?

Panzly is available in Gold (€ 7), Silver (€ 5) and Bronze (€ 3) insurance plans that cover your original ticket price up to 250%, 200%, and 150%, respectively. The level of compensation is immediately calculated and displayed on-screen. For a very small premium, we offer customers compensation levels that exceed the actual original ticket cost. Our pricing is based on AI algorithms and depends on various risk indicators, such as weather, airport rating, statistics of delays of a particular flight, etc.

How much does Panzly compensate?

Depending on the cost of the chosen plan and length of your delay and flight distance, you can get from €50 for coffee, snacks, and duty-free shopping up to €800 for new tickets, luxury hotels, or any other ways to treat yourself if something goes wrong with your flight departure.

Note: Using insurance from Panzly, you are still insured by the airline and have the right to file insurance claims to flight provider as well.

Does it matter what caused my delay?

The cause of the disruption actually doesn’t matter: Panzly will provide compensation whether or not the flight was delayed because of weather conditions or cancelled because of an alien attack. You will still get the same payout you signed up for while personalizing your coverage and selecting your insurance rate.

What is the difference between the standard flight delay insurance and Panzly service?

Standard flight insurance

Based on European Regulation EU261/2004 that sets out fixed sums of compensation from €250 to €600 per person for the inconvenience and loss of time suffered in case of a long flight delay, denied boarding, or cancellation. This law applies to flights departing an EU member state or landing in an EU member state on-board an EU airline.

Traditional insurance companies provide a claims settling time in 60 days on average. However, it could take anywhere from a few days to a number of years.

An airline does not have to pay compensation for any delays caused by things like terrorist attacks, industrial strike activity, sabotage, and weather conditions.

The claim process should be initiated by the traveler.

Making a claim for flight delay compensation requires clients to do a lot of work: write a long legal letter to the operating airline and then issue legal proceedings if they refuse to agree to pay the flight compensation.

If you have experienced a flight delay of more than three hours, then you may be eligible to make a claim for flight compensation.

Panzly’s flight insurance

Compensates the amount that exceeds the requirements of this law without having to issue court proceedings on your claim. Passengers could choose the insurance plan to increase the amount of payout and could get up to €800.

The payout will be transferred to the client’s card immediately after information about the time of delay or cancellation issue is automatically received by our service.

Panzly covers extraordinary circumstances as well.

Panzly monitors flight status constantly. As soon as cancellation or delay is detected, Panzly automatically sends an invitation to get the payout to the traveler’s phone and email.

Panzly is a claim-free and ultra-fast insurance service. No stress, no paperwork, no bureaucracy, or personal interaction with airlines for the traveler.

We automatically trigger your compensation in the event of a 2-hour delay.