The First Flight Insurance With Immediate Payout

Panzly is the first flight insurance for delays or cancellations with automatic and immediate payouts. We brought together airline ticket vendors, insurers, and their clients and added an excellent AI-based user experience and claim-free service.

For Distributors

We are looking globally for partnership opportunities with all flight tickets distributors.

How it works

Travelers get insured via one click, without any personal interaction while they are purchasing an airline ticket online

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Traveler selects the insurance plan

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Panzly checks the flight status automatically

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In the event of cancellation or flight delay, the passenger gets a text message to receive the payout

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Panzly asks the traveler where to transfer money and immediately sends it to the account

Benefits for Panzly audiences
For flight ticket vendors
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New revenue channel. Get a commission from each insurance policy sold.

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Customer-friendly user experience. Acquire loyal clients and provide a unique service.

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Expand service portfolio.  Add a one-of-a-kind insurance with minimal handling costs.

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Easy integration.  Embed Panzly into your online ticket system using API.

For travelers
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Immediate. No need to initiate compensation—it comes automatically.

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Claim-free. Avoid back and forth communications with the airline, airport or insurance company.  

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No stress. No paperwork and bureaucracy nightmares.

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Cash Claim. Panzly offers only financial reimbursement, no other substitutes.

White label solution for Insurers:
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New revenue channel. A large potential source of new revenue growth and a clear path to profitability, as data and analytics grow.

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Predictable pricing and risk prevention. Developing real-time, actuarial-based risk pricing, based on AI-prediction technologies.

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Improved customer experience.  Free your customer from wasting time writing out a claim, waiting weeks for compensation while bearing legal costs.

Some facts in numbers

Every year, hundreds of thousands of airline customers experience delayed or canceled flights.

Every day across the world
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11,643 Flight delays
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680 Canceled flights
Globally per year
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17% of flights delayed >45 minutes
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> 500M passengers per year suffer a delay
Industry forecast:
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the number of passengers will double by 2036
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flights are set to rise to 53% by 2040; airport capacity will only increase by 16% .
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2-hour delay flight increase by 9 times by 2040
Why us
We are dynamically bonding together
Artboard 24 copy 2 Insurance product development expertise with an emphasis on a high level of customer satisfaction
Artboard 24 copy Specialist insurance capacity
with the ability to work on a
global basis
Artboard 24 Smart insurance platform technology using the latest transmission standards
Artboard 24 copy 3 Deep data capture and analysis to ensure fair risk pricing and acceptable profitability
Artboard 24 copy 5 Insurance marketing expertise to create a high volume of customers with efficiency and effectiveness
Artboard 24 copy 4 Consumers personal data protection with fully applicable regulatory standards
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Instead of waiting months and filling in forms and jumping through hoops, wouldn’t it be nice to get your money back as soon as the airline has failed you – when you need it? Lucky for you, InsurTech startup Panzly thinks the same. The Panzly platform is simple and invaluable. Before you fly (obviously), you enter your flight details into the app and it will use the details to give you a personalised insurance rate.”

The founder and CEO of Ukraine-based Panzly Alex Gayduk has already made his name in the world of digital insurance, offering technology solutions to insurtechs through his business Fortifier he has helmed since 2013. Using his experience here, Gayduk – who is a mentor at the Hartford Insurtech hub – has set his sights on practising what has previously preached with a start-up of his own.”

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